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You can’t learn the skills for civil, respectful dialogue across differences without actually talking.  Yet, not all of us know people whose views are different from our own or who want to talk politics.  We’re here to help.

Use the form below to get your name on our list of available partners.  When we find you a good match, we’ll set you up with an anonymous meeting.  After that, if you like one another and give your permission, we’ll connect you.

If you’d rather find a group that provides opportunities for dialogue, check out the organizations listed below.

Organizations You Can Check Out

Crossing Party Lines

Meets virtually and Face-to-Face


  • Weekly moderated small group conversations
  • Film Club
  • Book Club
  • Skills Workshops

LivingRoom Conversations

Meets virtually and Face-to-Face


  • Member and LRC-Hosted Events
  • Topic Guides for DIY Conversations